Bangladesh and Arakan 2014 Update

Bangladesh and Arakan 2014 Update


On the Friday 8th of August 2014, 12 Volunteers set off from London to visit Human Aid UK’s projects in Bangladesh and Burma. Once in Bangladesh the delegation were hosted by one of our partner organisation WAMY. The delegation took place over a five day period with our volunteers returning on Wednesday the 13th August 2014.

With a population of 135 million, Bangladesh is one of the world’s most densely populated countries in the world. Poverty is deep and widespread with almost half of the population living on less than 0.61p a day, crammed into rural settlements, surrounded by a delta of rivers that empties out into the Bay of Bengal.

The volunteers from UK visited projects in Dhaka, Sathkira, Bogra, Rajshahi, Jessore, Rangpur and Cox bazaar. The projects varied from providing aid to schools, orphanages and families who no longer have a sole breadwinner. The volunteers also had the opportunity to directly hand out the monthly allowances received by the famialies supported there; kindly donated by our generous UK donors.

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The delegation also visited the Arkhani refugees who are living rainforest on the outskirts of Southern Bangladesh, harsh wilderness. They have been abandoned by both the Burmese and Bangladeshi governments; but they’re not forgotten by you.

We visited 2 running water pumps which are a reality through your donations and further visited the site of 21 additional water pumps under construction which are due to be complete late 2014.

Unfortunately the work does not finish here and we hope to send another delegation in February 2015, Insha’Allah, with your ongoing support.

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Bangladesh 2014 Cost Quantity Total
Bangladesh Homes £1,900 5 £9,500
Bangladesh Families per year £454 50 £22,700
Arakan 2014 Cost Quantity Total
Burma Tube Well £80 21 £1,680
Burma Bathroom/ Toilet £240 10 £2,400
Burma Sponsoring Teachers inside   (1 Year) £600 4 £2,400
Burma Medical Treatment (One person average) £30 50 £1,500
 Total Aid Cost £40,180
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