About Us

About HAUK

Our Vision

Restoring hope through a world free from unjust war and persecution where victims can access lifesaving treatment and services with empathy and dignity. Humanitarianism would be transformed to address the causes of war and not just its symptoms.

Mission Statement

We aid victims of war and persecution, as well as addressing the root causes of conflict. We instil hope by standing up for their right to a life with dignity and freedom from oppression. We nurture citizens through programmes that connect their hearts to the oppressed.

The Values that drive us

1. Godliness / Taqwā تقوى

  • God is the source of moral authority
  • We strive to abide by normative Islamic Social values
  • We are god conscious and our policies are compliant with divine values


2. Compassion / Rahma رَحمة

  • We serve humanity out of care and compassion, without expecting any worldly gains
  • Our concern is not limited to the material well-being of beneficiaries only, but the physical, mental and spiritual welfare as well
  • The mission comes before the organisation


3. Trust / Amānah أمانة

  • We are accountable to people and God for the trust placed in us
  • We have a moral obligation to safeguard trust
  • We deliver trust with excellence to the beneficiaries


4. Courage / Šajā’ah شَجاعة
  • We are not ‘rescuers’ parachuting in to save beneficiaries from disaster, rather it is an honour to stand with them in their time of need and serve them
  • We will strive to empower and lift beneficiaries to rise above their circumstances, therefore we are against humanitarianism that perpetuates dependence and weakness
  • We will seek out the most vulnerable and persecuted communities to alleviate their suffering


5. Independence / Istiqlāl 
  • We strive to remain independent of all political and financial influences from government or corporate entities
  • We take our mandate and authority primarily from the communities that we serve
  • We will ensure that no other interests interfere


6. Pioneering / Rā’id رائد
  • We strive to create solutions others don’t see
  • We are comfortable in going against the grain to do work others are not willing to do
  • We provide leadership and pave the way for others