Human Aid UK is committed to a unique donations policy. Every penny of your donations received is used strictly for the charitable purpose.

Surah Nisa, Verse 58
‘Indeed Allah commands that you should render back the trusts to those to whom they are due.’


Our ethical framework ensures that we get best ‘value for your donation’ (VFYD) and funds are allocated to the donors intended cause and used for charitable purposes. Value For Your Donation (VFYD) means the optimum combination to meet the contracting requirements for the given cause. The elements that constitute the optimum combination differ across procurements and depend on the outputs required by the commissioning team and delivery agency.

Ethical & Core Principle Framework guiding our ethical donation policy:

1. As the charity fund holder we allocate funds to the designated charitable purpose, and thereafter to the highest priority need in the designated country.

2. Human Aid UK does not give preferential treatment to an individual. Our funds are commissioned to create maximum results for our beneficiaries.

3. Effectiveness and value for money are minimum requirements to enable prioritisation for funding but are not the sole criteria.

4. Any financial decision taken by Human Aid UK will be in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

5. Human Aid UK has an obligation to provide a fair and robust system for deciding which programmes to commission. Human Aid UK recognises that it does not have the capacity to fulfil all the needs of all beneficiaries within its areas of responsibility and scope.

6. In: our commissioning process we make complex assessments before allocating funds. The assessments include specialist knowledge regarding Impact, program quality, consistency, microeconomics, health, water & sanitation, shelter and settlement, civil engineering, human rights, research, security, finance, logistics, procurement and compliance. This includes:

Support costs: Which are not attributable to a single activity and must also be apportioned between the activities being supported (for example the cost of the food delivery, logistics).

Direct cost : Attributable to a single activity and must be allocated direct to that activity (for example the cost of the food parcel).

7. Human Aid UK’s commissioning process routinely examines existing projects; we reserve the right to withdraw funding where the initial objectives are not met. This will release resources to fund other services which have a higher priority need.

8. Donations intended for Orphans and selected projects titled 100% donation policy, we will not be apportioned.



We have projects that require no support cost and we are able to deliver 100% of your donations to direct costs. The project will be clearly identified as 100% Donation Policy.

For example: If a donor gives £35 with the intention of helping an orphan, Human Aid UK will ensure that the orphan receives the full £35 inshaAllah.

Every penny of donation received is used for charitable purposes. We ensure that every penny is protected and applied to the donors intended project and country to get maximum results for the beneficiaries.




All the core charity’s administration costs are covered by:

  • Donations specified for administration cost
  • Income generated by trading arms, e.g. clothing banks; donated clothes are sold and the income is allocated to the administration fund.
  • Grants from various organisations, trusts and corporate sponsors.
  • Tax reclaimed from the UK government’s Gift Aid scheme. This allows taxpayers to increase the value of their donation by 25%, this additional money is allocated to the charity’s administration fund.
  • Funds that are deposited into our bank account without any reference