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1.8 Million Palestinians in Gaza are counting on your support for access to basic healthcare!

Human Aid UK has been supporting

Al-Shifa hospital in besieged Gaza

for at least 5 years continuously.

It is time to extend our support to

Gaza’s other hospitals to ensure

we can reach more and more people in need.

Gaza Patient 1 HAUK
Gaza Patient 2 HAUK

Hospitals in the Gaza strip have been stretched beyond capacity.

Medicine is in short supply, together with inadequate equipment, shortage of fuel and electricity.

Human Aid UK will continue to support the two largest hospitals: Al-Shifa hospital and Haifa Medical Hospital in the coming years.

17,000 Gazans will have access to basic healthcare per month
Improve health status of patients living in a especially deprived and neglected neighbourhood in the Gaza strip!

Hospital will have staff to ensure patients get 24-hour care under specialised doctors and trained nurses.

Help us provide hospitals in Gaza with the following:

Doctors, Nurses, Medical Staff (Lab Technicians, X-Ray Technicians), Ambulances, Medical Equipment, Medication.