Unity Convoy

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 Spring ‘Unity Convoy’ Brings Hope to the People of Syria

A ray of hope was lit for the people of Syria in the UK this morning, as a consortium of charities have come together for the first time in order to drive a convoy of 100 ambulances across Europe for the war-torn country.

Unity Convoy has been launched in a move to unite all charities behind the humanitarian need for ambulances and medical equipment. The scale of the humanitarian crisis has forced many charities to come together and address the dire need for ambulances and medical equipment across the country.

Official Unity Convoy spokesperson Alim Shamas said: “We are calling on all supporters of basic humanity to unite and help the people of Syria by donating towards the cost of an ambulance, and praying for the people of Syria. Together, we can make a difference to thousands of innocent lives who are in desperate need of medical assistance.”

The elected lead charity for the Unity Convoy is Hand in Hand for Syria, who will be facilitating the handover of ambulances into Syria. CEO Faddy Sahloul of Syrian origin said: “The plight of the Syrian people means they are constantly in need of ambulances and medical supplies. If the countries of the world cannot unite to resolve the greater problem, I believe the charities that make up Unity Convoy can unite to address this basic need, and send a clear message to the people of Syria – the world is with you.”

The convoy of 100 ambulances will be departing from the UK on the 30th of April 2017, travelling by road through Europe and heading for the Bulgarian border with Turkey.  To complete the final leg of the convoy, the ambulances will be handed over to the Syrian partners of the consortium, who will deliver and distribute the ambulances inside Syria.

Managing Director for Human Aid UK, Jilu Miah said: “we share the vision behind Unity Convoy and fully support the concept of charities coming together.”CEO for Anaya Aid, Tahir Malik said: “This is a great opportunity to promote safer giving to Syria, bona fide charities coming together for what can only be described as the people’s convoy. Created by the people, for the people.”

These ambulances will provide some welcome relief for the people of Syria, as the six year long conflict has resulted in increasing numbers of victims requiring urgent medical care on the ground. According to a UN report, more than 11.5 million Syrians are in need of urgent medical healthcare. Hospitals and medics have been repeatedly targeted since the war started in 2011. According to the Physicians of Human Rights there have been 757 health workers killed and 382 attacks on medical facilities throughout the conflict.

Other members of the Unity Convoy consortium include One Life Global, International Humanitarian Relief (UK) and Global Relief Trust UK. Unity Convoy will be providing updates on all events leading up to the convoy through its social media channels. There will be videos, photos and articles available for view from the official Unity Convoy website

For more information contact us on:

General Enquiries: [email protected]

Press Enquiries: [email protected]

Unity Convoy is an independent body made up of a consortium of charity leads sharing the vision of ‘unity’ in humanitarian work. United to deliver Ambulances to Syria.

How to spot a fake charity collector

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Andy Stevens / 23 March 2015
Do you know how to spot and avoid bogus charity collectors when you make donations to charities? We share tips to ensure that your charitable donations go to genuine good causes and not into the pockets of scammers and fraudsters.
Charity collection tins
It is illegal to make charity collections from open buckets or other open receptacles
What should you look for if you’re approached by a charity collector in the street?
Genuine charity collectors will carry all the necessary official documents relating to their charity.
Check the collector’s identity badge and ask to see documentation, including the charity’s registration number. Ask to see the collector’s permit or licence which they must carry. This should indicate whether or not they are legitimately collecting on that charity’s behalf.
What questions should you ask a charity collector?
If somebody is collecting for a charity, it’s a fair assessment that they should have detailed knowledge of that charity. Ask them about the charity’s fundraising work; where money raised goes to, how much is taken from donations for administration purposes, and how much goes directly to help the charity’s beneficiaries.
Ask the collector for details about donating to the charity online instead. This gives you greater security and allows you to take your time at home to do your research and make an informed decision.
It’s important to trust your instincts, too. If a charity collector’s knowledge seems vague, if they are too pushy, if documents look amateurish, hastily photocopied and contain spelling or grammar errors, or if indeed you have any doubts at all, just walk away.
You don’t have to just donate to charity. Find out about six things you can do to help charities, without giving them money.
What other tell-tale signs should you look for when approached by a charity collector?
Make sure the charity collector’s collection bucket is sealed. It is illegal to make charity collections from open buckets or other receptacles. The bucket should also display the charity’s name and, more than likely, its registration number.
What should you do if approached by a charity collector on private property, such as in a shop or in a block of flats?
Always check with the manager or owner that the charity collector has permission to be there.
How to check online if a charity is genuine or fake?
If you’re approached to make donations from a charity collector in the street or on private property and you’re thinking about signing up, it’s still wise to go home, go online and do your research first.
The Charity Commission website is your first port of call if you think a collector might be collecting for a fake charity, or fraudulently posing as a collector for a genuine charity.
The Charity Commission registers all charities in England and Wales, so you should search its charity register to find out if it lists the charity in question. Or you can phone 0845 300 0281 during normal office hours.
The regulatory body for charities in Scotland is The Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator, and in Northern Ireland you should get in touch with The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland.
What details should you give to a charity collector?
If you do decide to sign up to make donations with a charity collector in the street, be extra mindful of the dos and don’ts of giving out any personal information.
If you set up a direct debit, don’t give anything more than your bank account details and sort code. Never divulge your PIN number, nor any security codes.
But again, it’s still better to take your time and set up payments securely at home, through charities’ official websites.
What to do if a charity collector calls at your home?
You have several choices, but always err on the side of caution. A polite ‘no thank you’ should do, or you could choose not to answer the door, or put up ‘No cold callers’ sign.
If you do speak to a doorstep charity collector, ask to see their official badge and permit – but don’t commit to anything. Once again, check with the official charity itself, either online or over the phone, to see if they are making house calls in your area.
The same applies when charity bags are left on your doorstep or in your letterbox. If you wish to donate, check with the official charity to make sure your gift goes to a legitimate source.
Read our tips to protect yourself from bogus callers.
How to donate securely to charities online
When donating to charities online, apply the same rules you would when doing any online transaction involving your money and personal details.
Only donate through the official website of the charity of your choice, having made sure it’s registered with the Charity Commission. Alternatively, donate through a well-known fundraising site, such as JustGiving or the tax-efficient Gift Aid.
Type the full website address of the charity into your web browser. Never click on a secondary link from another source to access a charity’s website.
Make sure the payment/donation page is secure; this page’s address should begin with ‘https’ and not ‘http’ – and it should also include a ‘padlock’ symbol.
Never make a donation to charities through a money transfer scheme. Also you should never reply to unsolicited emails claiming to be from charities and never click on any links within these emails. Simply delete them and email [email protected] – or call them on 0300 123 2040 – if you think a charity collection scam might be taking place.
Payroll giving is a tax-efficient and safe way to donate. Find out more.
– See more at:

Human Aid UK shares the joy of Eid by visiting children in Hospitals across greater Manchester

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Volunteers from Human Aid UK visit the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, Royal Oldham Hospital and the Tameside General hospital putting smiles on the faces of unwell children during the blessed day of Eid.


Many children are going through an extremely difficult time, Human Aid UK volunteers arrived with cars loaded with Eid gifts and cakes which were met with joy from the children and appreciation from both parents and staff.

Aamir Hamza, a volunteer, commented: “Eid is a day of celebration, and we want all kids to share in the happiness, whatever background they come from regardless if they are Muslim or not.”

The Muslim community came together across greater Manchester making donations to help purchase gifts for children. In total there was enough gifts for 150 children!

It was a day met with Joy and happiness. The Volunteers and children engaged very well and took fun pictures together. It left a big smile on the faces of volunteers and most importantly the children.

Human Aid UK promotes sustainable economic and social development, by working closely with community members from all walks of life. The motto of Human Aid UK is ‘Bringing Hope to Life’ which they aim to achieve, with the support of their donors, through flagship projects like this.



Human Aid UK Reacts to Guilty Verdict of Mohammed Hussain Syeedy from Rochdale

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Human Aid are shocked by the news that Mohammed Hussain Syeedy has been found guilty of the murder of Rochdale Imam Jalal Uddin.

Syeedy who had volunteered with several different charities in the North West had also been an occasional volunteer for Human Aid, at a few of its fundraising events for humanitarian aid.

He was; as far as we knew;a bright and intelligent young man, hardworking and of sound character.

He gave no indication to us whatsoever that he was attracted to any religious/political ideology.

Given his good character and apparent dislike of harshness in matters of religion, volunteers at our Northern office are shocked and in disbelief at how he could have got entangled in such a heinous crime.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Imam Jalal Uddin.

Media enquiries please email: [email protected]

Human Aid UK Crowdfunding Migration

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Human Aid UK would like to thank you for choosing to fundraise with us, your continued support and determination to help those in need.

Due to the suspension of Virgin Money Giving, Human Aid UK will be changing its primary crowdfunding platform to Everyday Hero.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.The funds from the Virgin Money Giving page will be transferred to the chosen project.

We recommend two alternative platforms to raise donations with, Everyday Hero and BT MyDonate.Whichever platform you choose, you can add the total donation figure from your Virgin Money Giving page and set it as an offline amount on your new page.


Click on icon to create a page on Everyday Hero


Click icon to create a page on BT MyDonate

The good news is that Everyday Hero and BT MyDonate has better functions. Everyday Hero offers donors a ‘Donor Uplift’ allowing donors to pay for their fees on donations and BT MyDonate takes minimal fees off donations. These in turn will help Human Aid UK in maintaining it’s 100% Donations Policy.

We cannot do this without you, so head on over to Everyday Hero or BT MyDonate and make a page now!

UK Flood Appeal

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10307413_1139293749416339_5747941253796725693_nVolunteers helping the families affected by the UK floods in West Yorkshire.

It is important that we do all we can to get urgent help to those whose communities have been devastated by flooding.

Human Aid UK are in areas affected by the floods and are already working hard to make sure they can support those affected. We at Human Aid UK are doing everything we can to support our members.

Volunteers from Human Aid UK are volunteering in West Yorkshire to help families affected by the UK Floods.

The volunteers will help with furniture removal, cleaning up of homes and will also administer hardship grants to families who really need our support.

Human Aid UK surprises children again on Eid at Royal Oldham Hospital’s children’s ward.

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It was the third year in which Human Aid UK visited the Royal Oldham Hospital to surprise children with Eid gifts.


The children are going through an extremely tough time. Our volunteers arrived with cars loaded with Eid gifts and cakes which was met with joy from the children and appreciation from both parents and staff. One mother broke down because of the gesture.


Khadijah Taymiyyah, one of our volunteers based in Manchester, commented;

‘Was a fun and rewarding experience can’t wait to do it again, It was an all-round brilliant group effort with equally amazing volunteers”


Human Aid UK is a charity which endeavours to develop sustainable economic and communal developments encapsulating all walks of life; they currently have many projects internationally; from Africa, Asia and the Middle East.


The motto of Human Aid UK is ‘Bringing Hope to Life’ which we aim to achieve, with your support, through flagship projects like this.


Support the Eid Gift project. To donate click here

Human Aid UK continues with its wonderful work with a special visit to The Royal Oldham Hospitals’ children’s ward.

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 The Royal Oldham Hospital was delighted to welcome volunteers of Human Aid UK who arrived bearing gifts and cakes for the youngsters occupying the children’s ward.

Human Aid UK is a charity which endeavors to develop sustainable economic and communal developments encapsulating all walks of life; they have currently many projects operating abroad; from Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

The organisation applies a partnership based approach; this allows the charity to effectively and reliably distribute its aid as well as building a firm structure from which the local communities can continue improving and expanding. The fact that a partner based approach is implemented it has seen the organisation grow constantly.

Although Human Aid UK headquarters are located in London, the Manchester branch has allowed further expansion and greater operational scope for the charity to carry out its activities.

The charity is one which specialises in aid delivery to areas experiencing conflict and has sent delegations to countries such as Syria, Gaza, Burma and Bangladesh.

Mohammed Hossain, a volunteer for the Manchester branch commented;

‘We have been wanting to widen our activities closer to home for a while now, we thought there could be no better time during this festive period and therefore we decided to pay a visit to the sick children so they could also part take’

The festive period, referring to Eidul Adha, celebrated by Muslims all over world, prompted the volunteers to focus their attention towards the local children in less fortunate circumstances.

The organisation arrived with cars loaded with Eid gifts and cakes which was met with joy from the children and appreciation from both parents and staff.

Having successfully completed and maintained campaigns internationally the organisation will now be setting its sights on further accelerating its network in the UK, one of its primary focuses being providing for the needs of under privileged children in local communities. Abdul Mu’min who is the Manchester branch lead summarised the organisations ambitions, stating;

‘Our motto is ‘Bringing hope to life’ and that’s exactly what we intend to do.’

Bangladesh and Arakan 2014 Update

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On the Friday 8th of August 2014, 12 Volunteers set off from London to visit Human Aid UK’s projects in Bangladesh and Burma. Once in Bangladesh the delegation were hosted by one of our partner organisation WAMY. The delegation took place over a five day period with our volunteers returning on Wednesday the 13th August 2014.

With a population of 135 million, Bangladesh is one of the world’s most densely populated countries in the world. Poverty is deep and widespread with almost half of the population living on less than 0.61p a day, crammed into rural settlements, surrounded by a delta of rivers that empties out into the Bay of Bengal.

The volunteers from UK visited projects in Dhaka, Sathkira, Bogra, Rajshahi, Jessore, Rangpur and Cox bazaar. The projects varied from providing aid to schools, orphanages and families who no longer have a sole breadwinner. The volunteers also had the opportunity to directly hand out the monthly allowances received by the famialies supported there; kindly donated by our generous UK donors.

bangladesh featured


The delegation also visited the Arkhani refugees who are living rainforest on the outskirts of Southern Bangladesh, harsh wilderness. They have been abandoned by both the Burmese and Bangladeshi governments; but they’re not forgotten by you.

We visited 2 running water pumps which are a reality through your donations and further visited the site of 21 additional water pumps under construction which are due to be complete late 2014.

Unfortunately the work does not finish here and we hope to send another delegation in February 2015, Insha’Allah, with your ongoing support.

Bangladesh 2014CostQuantityTotal
Bangladesh Homes£1,9005£9,500
Bangladesh Families per year£45450£22,700
Arakan 2014CostQuantityTotal
Burma Tube Well£8021£1,680
Burma Bathroom/ Toilet£24010£2,400
Burma Sponsoring Teachers inside   (1 Year)£6004£2,400
Burma Medical Treatment (One person average)£3050£1,500
 Total Aid Cost£40,180