After a lengthy 2 and half year long inquiry, Charity Commission concludes: no evidence of ‘misapplication of charity funds’ by Human Aid UK

Human Aid UK – Charity Commission Inquiry Report

Friday 3rd March 2017

After 2 and a half years, the Charity Commission has now completed its statutory investigation into Human Aid UK, and published their report: Human Aid UK: Inquiry Report.  The Charity Commission have concluded in their findings: –   

“There was no evidence of misapplication of charity funds.”

Human Aid UK has cooperated with the inquiry, although it has taken up a disproportionate amount of charity resources and an excessively lengthy amount of time to conclude. We are pleased that the inquiry has come to an end.

We set our team the highest standards for systems, documentation and monitoring. We are disappointed with the conclusion that “there was an overall lack of adequate documentation to evidence the charity’s due diligence and monitoring of the end use of some funds.” 

Working in conflict zones presents challenges in collecting and collating documentation on time. It is not always possible to have the required information on demand. The collection and filing of all documentation in relation to partners and monitoring end use was not provided at the time of inspection, as the request the Charity Commission had made, clearly did not demonstrate what it is that they required, however these were subsequently all provided for clarification; including the Baby Milk and the Emergency Medical Service convoy.

As the Commission inquiry records, we did not just rely on paper documentation for monitoring end use, we also placed a team on the grounds in Turkey, to help monitor our end use of funds.

The charity can now focus on maximising value to our donors by ensuring we are working hard to deliver the much needed aid to beneficiaries here and abroad. 

We would like to thank all our donors and volunteers for their patience and continued good will. Our charity has taken these experiences gained through this inquiry to enhance our systems and processes. We have taken on board the Commission’s guidance, along with the advice of expert consultants and lawyers.  

Our donors can therefore be confident that our aid has reached those for the purpose it was intended for. 

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Emergency Medical Service

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Baby Milk

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