Human Aid UK continues with its wonderful work with a special visit to The Royal Oldham Hospitals’ children’s ward.

Human Aid UK continues with its wonderful work with a special visit to The Royal Oldham Hospitals’ children’s ward.

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 The Royal Oldham Hospital was delighted to welcome volunteers of Human Aid UK who arrived bearing gifts and cakes for the youngsters occupying the children’s ward.

Human Aid UK is a charity which endeavors to develop sustainable economic and communal developments encapsulating all walks of life; they have currently many projects operating abroad; from Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

The organisation applies a partnership based approach; this allows the charity to effectively and reliably distribute its aid as well as building a firm structure from which the local communities can continue improving and expanding. The fact that a partner based approach is implemented it has seen the organisation grow constantly.

Although Human Aid UK headquarters are located in London, the Manchester branch has allowed further expansion and greater operational scope for the charity to carry out its activities.

The charity is one which specialises in aid delivery to areas experiencing conflict and has sent delegations to countries such as Syria, Gaza, Burma and Bangladesh.

Mohammed Hossain, a volunteer for the Manchester branch commented;

‘We have been wanting to widen our activities closer to home for a while now, we thought there could be no better time during this festive period and therefore we decided to pay a visit to the sick children so they could also part take’

The festive period, referring to Eidul Adha, celebrated by Muslims all over world, prompted the volunteers to focus their attention towards the local children in less fortunate circumstances.

The organisation arrived with cars loaded with Eid gifts and cakes which was met with joy from the children and appreciation from both parents and staff.

Having successfully completed and maintained campaigns internationally the organisation will now be setting its sights on further accelerating its network in the UK, one of its primary focuses being providing for the needs of under privileged children in local communities. Abdul Mu’min who is the Manchester branch lead summarised the organisations ambitions, stating;

‘Our motto is ‘Bringing hope to life’ and that’s exactly what we intend to do.’

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