For Immediate Release

Human Aid UK is shocked and saddened at the murder of Shaykh Abdul Hadi Arwani.

Inna lillahi wa inn ilihi rajioon

Human Aid UK Is deeply saddened at the news of the murder of Shaykh Abdul Hadi Arwani, in Wembley, London on Tuesday, 7th April 2015.  Shakyh Arwani, originally Syrian, was well known to the Muslim community in the UK.  He was a much respected imam, teacher and scholar.

He was committed to humanitarian efforts to help people and supported many charities including Human Aid with their humanitarian work in Syria and elsewhere. Though he wasn’t formally involved in the charity, Shaykh Arwani, supported Human Aid UK’s events and was invited as a speaker on several occasions due to his extensive knowledge of the Syrian humanitarian situation.

A survivor of the Hama massacre in Syria in 1982, he knew the socio-political situation in the country very well.  He was a man of great knowledge especially on the Syrian conflict. He helped charities to understand and gain insight of the situation in Syria in order to assist the Humanitarian efforts, as such his contribution was invaluable.

Human Aid UK is shocked that someone like Shakyh Arwani, can be shot dead in the streets of London.  We urge the authorities to do all they can to find those who committed this murder and their motivations for doing so.

Our thoughts and prayers are with his family at their moment of grief. We pray that Allah (SWT) grants Shakyh Arwani the highest place in Jannah for his struggle against injustice.

For further information please email: [email protected]