Human Aid UK Reacts to Guilty Verdict of Mohammed Hussain Syeedy from Rochdale

By September 16, 2016News

Human Aid are shocked by the news that Mohammed Hussain Syeedy has been found guilty of the murder of Rochdale Imam Jalal Uddin.

Syeedy who had volunteered with several different charities in the North West had also been an occasional volunteer for Human Aid, at a few of its fundraising events for humanitarian aid.

He was; as far as we knew;a bright and intelligent young man, hardworking and of sound character.

He gave no indication to us whatsoever that he was attracted to any religious/political ideology.

Given his good character and apparent dislike of harshness in matters of religion, volunteers at our Northern office are shocked and in disbelief at how he could have got entangled in such a heinous crime.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Imam Jalal Uddin.

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