Our beloved Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam said:  “The best form of charity is giving someone water (to drink)”

Background and Situation of the Area

The Gaza Strip is a very small land with a total area of only 360 square kilometers, underlain by a shallow aquifer. The Gaza aquifer has a natural recharge rate of approximately 65 million cubic meters (MCM) of water per year from rainfall and lateral inflow of water from Israel and Egypt.  This aquifer is essentially the only source of fresh water in the Gaza Strip. The roots of Gaza’s water problem lie in the over-population of the area and today, over three quarters of the estimated Gazan population of 1.7 million are registered refugees who depend on the ground water.

The lack of clean water in Gaza has become an URGENT crisis over the past years, the deterioration of quality and decrease of quantity of pure drinking water for human consumption caused a lot of health problems among the population in the Gaza Strip, leading to a severe health catastrophe in the area. And often, these health problems are due to the increase in the proportion of nitrate salts or chlorides or both in the groundwater used for drinking.

The vast majority of the water contains 100-800 mg of nitrates per litre, when the World Health Organisation (WHO) states that the acceptable level for nitrates should be no more than 50mg per litre. Water also contains 500-3000 mg of chloride per litre when the WHO states that no more than 250mg is acceptable!

Summary of the Project:

Due to the shortage in supply of drinkable fresh-water and the deterioration of water quality; the people in the Gaza Strip, particularly those in severe poverty and most vulnerable in terms of heath, face a lot of difficulties which often results in death. Children are suffering from chronic skin diseases and diarrhoea, among many other life threatening health conditions.

Although some of the damages within Gaza are irreversible, we had thought of a solution. Your previous donations towards this project had helped us to install a brand new water filtration plant in Gaza city which purifies the water and then supplies it to the people in the Gaza strip with healthy and safe drinking water for free as a charity. Alhamdulillah, we have also procured our very own Human Aid UK mobile tanker for the distribution of water which operates on a daily basis to as many homes as possible.

Our current water filtration plant capacity is 100,000 litres per day but with the funds for only one tanker, we can only produce 25,000 litres (6,800 gallons) per day which we distribute in total and goes towards the following:


This water tanker is a lifeline. It will save thousands from horrifying and life-threatening diseases and illnesses and the traumatising reality of hundreds of migrations and homelessness in their search for water each day.

Our current distribution areas are within the Gaza city and in the North of the Gaza strip (Beit Lahia, Jabalia, Beit Hanoun and Gaza City.  (Please see map below).