Syrian families have fled their homes due to the conflict with only a few possessions. As refugees displaced in a country rampant with conflict, there is little or no prospects of earning a livelihood.

The most vulnerable are widows and children. They have either sold everything that they own, or lost it due to the conflict. If they are able to make it to the border towns, they often are living in refugee camps with no source of income and very little belongings. Their survival is a daily battle. When the breadwinner of a family dies, the emotional and economic loss is devastating.

Human Aid UK have had years of experience inside Syria, reaching the most needy in the hardest of places. We want to now combine our expertise to provide more than an appropriate shelter or a food pack to these vulnerable and innocent people who are in the most dire of circumstances.

We are building hope in a unique village, ‘Hopeville’ for Orphans and Widows inside Syria; it will comprise of 50 homes, a mosque, a school and an activity centre. Hopeville will not just provide all the basic necessities, but also provide vocational courses for the widows, education and psychological support for the orphans. This will help the children overcome the trauma that they have suffered and be prepared for the future.

We have calculated the set up cost of Hopeville to be in the region of approximately £500,000.

Help us Bring Hopeville to Life!




Land yourself a bargain

Without land, there is no project. All of the following deeds performed on this land will be on the scales of those who made it happen.



The homes are securely grouped into 2 bedroom self-contained flats with 4 of these in each building. There will be a communal wall for added protection.


The Masjid is the heart of the community, providing comfort, solace and a sense of communal responsibility is ever so important in times of such confusion and chaos.



Bringing a brighter view of the future is just another way of saying ‘bringing hope to life’. Developing these minds to grow in a way that they go into the world


Activity Centre

A dedicated centre to keep the children and widows active, developing and providing them with the physical and psychological tools to repair and rebuild themselves.