Human Aid UK | #IDLIB BESIEGED Emergency Appeal 2018

The war in Syria is potentially entering its final stage.

Daily updates continue to pour in about the civilians of Idlib; the Syrian city which is currently being subjected to an ‘all-out assault’. In a country with few avenues for refuge, the district has been somewhat of a refuge for internally displaced syrians.  Many of them have already been forced to flee to Idlib from other fallen cities.

The current crisis will continue to last into the winter months, meaning that the forces of nature will add to the man-made disasters affecting the innocent. More children will be left orphaned, more fathers will be tortured, more women will be sexually exploited.


Over 3 million civilians (a third of which are children) left in the area in Idlib are awaiting an inevitable attack on their homes, further shelling and the potential use of illegal chemical weapons.


Millions of civilians are homeless in their own country, unable to rebuild their own lives. Individuals’ desperate stories are getting lost in a mass loss of lives.  For the majority of city dwellers who remain, there is nowhere left to flee.

As the casualties increase, so will the need for YOUR support.

Human Aid UK are on the ground RIGHT NOW. Responding to the emergency as it unfolds, donate towards our EMERGENCY APPEAL to save lives.