The blessed month of Ramadan is upon us again. The nights will be short and days long. A time where Taqwa in Allah is heightened, the Mosques will filled to their limit and the recitation of Quran heard everywhere. We enter a month of forgiveness, reflection and new beginnings. A month singled out from the rest for the believers to purify themselves. Ramadan, it’s #morethanamonth.

As we enter the month of mercy, millions around the world await for your mercy.

Human Aid UK have launched our #morethanamonth appeal for food packs. You can provide 1 family with a Ramadan food pack for just £50 or Eight families in 8 countries for just £400, which will last for the entirety of Ramadan. These packs will provide families with nourishing meals to begin and end their fasts.

These packs shall be provided in 8 countries: Bangladesh (including Rohingya Refugees), Yemen, Gambia, Myanmar (Arakan), Lebanon (Syrian Refugees), Palestine, Somalia and Syria.


The ongoing wars in Syria and Yemen have left families not knowing whether they shall have any Iftar and Suhur. The increasing influx of Rohingya Refugees into Bangladesh have made malnutrition the primary threat to their very existence. The devastating loss of food and shelter within Arakan, Myanmar has forced the Rohingya minorities to go elsewhere in search of food. The blockade on Gaza have resulted in short supplies for thousands of Palestinians.The drought has devastated Somalia to the point mothers are having to choose which of their children to feed!

We learn that, ‘The best charity is that given in Ramadan’ – (Tirmidi). We also know that Allah rewards deeds manifold, how can we afford to miss out?