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Background and Situation of the Area

The destruction of Gaza’s main electricity station has now left people deprived of electricity for sometimes days There is no guarantee on how long the electricity will last once its here or when it will next return.
This has a devastating impact on people’s health and well-being, crippling their capability to run day to day tasks, disabling their access to fresh running water. The inability to refrigerate supermarket produce, extinguishing heating in the bitter winter as well as severely affecting those in critical conditions in hospitals who are dying every day due to this reality.

The horrifying truth is that not even hospitals have enough electricity to preserve the health of those most vulnerable. The Palestinian Ministry of Health confirmed a rapidly growing daily figure of 150 patients’ who were life-threateningly in need of dialysis; among them are many children, as well as 66 patients of intensive care and a further 100 premature incubator babies that need to power continuously to prevent death.
In addition, 39 operation rooms in the Gaza strip hospital are threatened to close should this struggle continue. Yet in such difficult times, doctors are known to work tirelessly, living, sleeping and praying in the hospitals.

Over the years, candle-light had become the most popular method of lighting during the night and this itself is causing many deaths due to fires. Since the beginning of 2012 till the end of 2013, 16 Palestinians have died from burns with an additional 9 people injured and the figures have since been increasing.
Generator stores have increased from 5 to 1800 over the years, these are very expensive yet usually faulty and compromising in poor quality resulting in explosions and further deaths.

You can prevent these deaths. Switch on Gaza today.

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