Millions of people across our world are forced to live in harsh conditions in winter. Without adequate clothing, a proper shelter and temperatures dropping to as low as -15 degrees, this winter could be their last…

The beloved Prophet ﷺ said:

“Whosoever relieves from a believer some grief pertaining to this world, Allah will relieve from him some grief pertaining to the Hereafter.” (Muslim)

Human Aid UK has launched an emergency winter appeal to provide vital winter packs to the vulnerable families in Gaza, Yemen and Syrian refugees in Lebanon.


Inside Yemen

In Yemen, there have been over six and a half thousand deaths in just over a year since the conflict began. Already 21 million people – nearly 90% of the population are in need of humanitarian assistance, and with winter arriving things will only get worse.

Inside Syria

Over 11 Million Syrians had no choice but to flee their homes because of the brutal civil war. Many are living in make shift shelters leaving them vulnerable to rain,snow and temperatures as low as -5 Degrees.

You can help save lives

Don’t Let Winter Win. You can help save lives by donating for these winter packs.