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But it was Our Will to favour those who were oppressed in the land, making them models of faith as well as successors”

(Quran 28:5)

Pay your zakat the correct way

All our Zakat procedures are done in accordance to the Islamic guidelines, advised by an independent board of Scholars.


Looking around the world today, we witness a situation of chaos and injustice caused by oppressors, tyrants, and man-made crises resulting in the ummah being persecuted – many simply because of their adherence to their faith. Despite all these challenging situations, they are still surviving. They are surviving constant hardship, displacement, hunger and yet they persevere, survive and in inspirational cases; thrive. 
At Human Aid, we see our role as serving the survivors. It is our duty to them, we see it as an honour for us, as a privilege for us and it is their right over us that we serve them. This Ramadan join Human Aid in serving our survivors.


“Human Aid is a trustworthy organisation, they regularly come to me for matters ascertaining to the Sharia and take on board the advice that we give them”

Sheikh Haitham al-Haddad
Chair of the Fatwa Committee for The Islamic Council of Europe

“I deeply miss Syria, my homeland: I miss my family and all the martyrs who were once with us. As of now, your support is what is keeping us going until we can return home”

Abo Ali
Internally Displaced Refugee father of five in Syria

“Human Aid is one of the organisations that helped us in the emergency department, which saw the most casualties. Their support saved lives here in Gaza.”

Dr Ayman Sahabani
Head of Emergency, Al Shifa hospital in Gaza, Palestine

Serve Our Survivors