Unity Convoy

Unity Convoy

 Spring ‘Unity Convoy’ Brings Hope to the People of Syria

A ray of hope was lit for the people of Syria in the UK this morning, as a consortium of charities have come together for the first time in order to drive a convoy of 100 ambulances across Europe for the war-torn country.

Unity Convoy has been launched in a move to unite all charities behind the humanitarian need for ambulances and medical equipment. The scale of the humanitarian crisis has forced many charities to come together and address the dire need for ambulances and medical equipment across the country.

Official Unity Convoy spokesperson Alim Shamas said: “We are calling on all supporters of basic humanity to unite and help the people of Syria by donating towards the cost of an ambulance, and praying for the people of Syria. Together, we can make a difference to thousands of innocent lives who are in desperate need of medical assistance.”

The elected lead charity for the Unity Convoy is Hand in Hand for Syria, who will be facilitating the handover of ambulances into Syria. CEO Faddy Sahloul of Syrian origin said: “The plight of the Syrian people means they are constantly in need of ambulances and medical supplies. If the countries of the world cannot unite to resolve the greater problem, I believe the charities that make up Unity Convoy can unite to address this basic need, and send a clear message to the people of Syria – the world is with you.”

The convoy of 100 ambulances will be departing from the UK on the 30th of April 2017, travelling by road through Europe and heading for the Bulgarian border with Turkey.  To complete the final leg of the convoy, the ambulances will be handed over to the Syrian partners of the consortium, who will deliver and distribute the ambulances inside Syria.

Managing Director for Human Aid UK, Jilu Miah said: “we share the vision behind Unity Convoy and fully support the concept of charities coming together.”CEO for Anaya Aid, Tahir Malik said: “This is a great opportunity to promote safer giving to Syria, bona fide charities coming together for what can only be described as the people’s convoy. Created by the people, for the people.”

These ambulances will provide some welcome relief for the people of Syria, as the six year long conflict has resulted in increasing numbers of victims requiring urgent medical care on the ground. According to a UN report, more than 11.5 million Syrians are in need of urgent medical healthcare. Hospitals and medics have been repeatedly targeted since the war started in 2011. According to the Physicians of Human Rights there have been 757 health workers killed and 382 attacks on medical facilities throughout the conflict.

Other members of the Unity Convoy consortium include One Life Global, International Humanitarian Relief (UK) and Global Relief Trust UK. Unity Convoy will be providing updates on all events leading up to the convoy through its social media channels. There will be videos, photos and articles available for view from the official Unity Convoy website www.unityconvoy.com

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Unity Convoy is an independent body made up of a consortium of charity leads sharing the vision of ‘unity’ in humanitarian work. United to deliver Ambulances to Syria.

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