Background story

As a result of the recent atrocities, thousands have been killed and hundreds of thousands seeking refuge. The current unmanageable squalid IDP camps hosting more than 100,000 Rohingya displaced people in the Sittwe Township are deprived of basic needs to survive. Over half a million refugees have made their way to the border of Bangladesh with some caught in the paddy fields and nearby villages seeking shelter.

Thousands are missing and human rights abuses are being regularly reported; cases of rape, children being brutally killed and babies have been disclosed by victims. Though denied by the Myanmar security, explicit footage and videos have been sent out and aired by international media.

The situation now is dire and up until today, access to the affected areas are either completely blocked or extremely difficult. The only way out is through Bangladesh via the Naf River or the sea. While those who do not have the capacity to make it through either the river or the sea, will be at the mercy of the military operation. Thousands are trying hard to survive without any humanitarian assistance. The old, the sick, the injured, women and children are not spared.

Another human catastrophe is imminent. Victims have no access to food and shelter. Death awaits them unless help is extended fast. We are determined to address this issue by endeavouring to organise a humanitarian flotilla for the Rohingya. The Bay of Bengal is the viable route to reach the victims by the flotilla mission which we are committed to launch. UN, OIC, ASEAN have issued strong statements against the ethnic cleansing and genocide in Myanmar. Countries including the US, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Pakistan have expressed strong concerns on the Rohingya issue. Recently Malaysia has been very vocal in condemning the abuses against the Rohingya minority. However, all the calls and condemnation have fallen on the deaf ears of the Myanmar regime.

Together, we can attract the world to deliver urgent aid to the victims of the Rohingya. We can bring the world’s attention and focus to the plight of the Rohingya people both within Rakhine State of Myanmar and outside of Myanmar. We can gather international NGOs, activists and leaders to seek an amicable solution to the plight of the Rohingya. We can launch a world campaign to demand the reinstatement of the Rohingya.

To deliver humanitarian aid (food, clothing, medicine and personal needs) to the IDPs in the affected townships of Maungdaw and Buthidong by sea.

To appeal to the Myanmar government to open access for humanitarian aid to the victims.

To mobilize national, regional and international NGOs, to address the Rohingya issue in a concerted way and to press for a stop to the atrocities.