Pay Your Zakat The Correct Way

All our Zakat procedures are done in accordance to the Islamic guidelines, advised by an independent board of Scholars.

All of our Zakat procedures are verified by the Scholars at

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Your Zakat with Human. Aid.

Zakat is often mistaken solely and simply as a compulsory charity… It is a revolutionary pillar of Islam that changes the lives of millions. It is considered a right that the poor have over us. The word itself means ‘to purify’ – as it purifies our wealth, strengthens our faith and builds bonds with our Brothers and Sisters wherever they may be.  

Traditionally, the Prophet (peace be upon Him) and His followers would give their Zakat directly to those in need and now, with Human Aid UK you can follow in their footsteps - with our teams delivering cash donations to those in need. Therefore, empowering people to use Zakat in the way they see fit for their family’s needs.  


Donate your Zakat through Human Aid UK safe in the knowledge that your donation will go directly to where it is most needed. Your donations are handled with the greatest of care to ensure they reach eligible recipients quickly and securely. Our Zakat projects are sustainable and impactful, continuing to benefit people for years to come.  


The beauty of Human Aid's Zakat fund is that it is shared amongst all our Zakat projects. This allows you to receive the reward from projects in multiple countries – All our projects are Zakat eligible under the guidance of Scholars at the Islamic Council of Europe.

Pay Your Zakat The Correct Way